Your FSC Certification

Your research has brought you to the right place!

We understand how your  business operates.  Your company has less than $5 million in annual gross wood product sales, which qualifies your company to be in our FSC Chain of Custody Group.    

We will work  with you to prepare the documents you need to become FSC certified.  We do not charge anything for this service. 

We are known not only for providing group rates, but for our hands-on service and certainty.  FSC can be frustrating and a lot of work. Our job is to take the time, cost and stress out of your being FSC certified. We are readily accessible to you to meet your needs.  And we do this all at group rates.  

We are required to be at your facility at the beginning and once each year and we do this every day, so there is no significant extra cost to us – and no reason to charge you.


Before you commit to anything, you know the exact cost.   There are no hidden costs (such as a set-up fees, audit costs, administrative fees or associations that you must join to get group rates.  We have no menu of penalties if you have errors or problems.  In our group, you will pay not a penny more.  We are unusual in that respect.

Many of our group members chose to have FSC certification to attract prospective customers, bringing them to your doorstep when they are looking to do business with companies such as yours.

We come from  business and we take a practical approach to meeting your needs. We understand your business. Our goal is to keep you comfortably certified at an affordable group rate. We can work with you to blend FSC into your business rather than have FSC change your business.

We know and stay close to our group members.  There is easy access to people you know and who know you and your business. When you need assistance and answers, it is good to be familiar with whom you are working and that prompt help is at hand.